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This Edmonton band, created in late 2015, is influenced by the roots of the blues and the love of rock and roll. The writing of their songs reflects this love for different styles of music old and new which makes the Slant Six style unique and innovative. Slant Six is always a pleasure to hear and watch and will leave you wanting more.

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Sacha Hubert Vocals


While still a preschooler in Montreal, Sacha picked up his first instrument and started studying music. He took lessons for years, learned a few instruments including the accordion and piano, but when he started taking guitar lessons he soon gave it up, as it became clear that what he was most passionate about was singing. Hours upon hours of practising and learning theory would later serve him well in composing music and writing lyrics. Sacha always was a writer. At a young age his teachers encouraged him to write short stories, many of which received awards in school competitions.

He eventually relocated to Edmonton in 1983, and things changed considerably for him. Moving from a predominantly Francophone area to an Anglophone one, and never attending an English school for more then 3 months, Sacha had to teach himself to write in English and switched from Do-Re-Mi to A-B-C. He dabbled in a few musical projects but he later started a family, giving music a break and like many in the business, taking a regular job and studying Power Engineering at NAIT. This was never meant to last, however, and when his daughter started her own music career he became a band manager. More bands came, and eventually Sacha started a label to help promote and distribute their music in what seemed to be a natural progression of his music industry career. RCR Records, named after his management company, River City Rocks Management, was founded in 2015. 

Sacha has now decided to return to the stage and founded Slant Six in late 2015 with his friend Nils Markstrom. With Nils, he would start writing songs and eventually other musicians joinedthem and the band started taking shape. When the rest of the Slant Six members joined the group they knew they had something good going on. There were some line up changes in the beginning, but the current group is a solid team of friends delivering a great sound. Sacha is thrilled with how the band has turned out and has high hopes for the future. When asked why he would start a new project at this stage of his life, Sacha always replies that “its never too late to get on with it”. 


Chris Pigeot - Drums

Chris started drumming when he was 14 with his schoolmates in Paris, France, doing originals and learning the instrument at the same time. Eventually, the band got better and started touring around France and England.

Chris moved from Paris to Alberta in 2013. Moving to Canada brought out his rock and metal background and he started playing in cover bands, learning new styles such as country and blues. This brings us to Slant Six - this new formation being a perfect combination of all these styles.


Chris fit right in with the boys of Slant Six, who all had different musical backgrounds and influences. Playing "spicy blues", as he calls it, has been fun and given him hope for great things to come with this band.

Lex Querubin Guitar

Born and raised in the Philippines, Lex picked up the guitar at the age of 16 and almost never puts in down. Inspired by listening to Filipino rock songs on the radio he practiced hard to be the best he could be. He later discovered metal, blues, jazz and fusion and has taken a bit of all these styles to develop his own. In 2010 he ended up in Canada and played with some new friends until he met the guys at Slant Six in 2018 and finally joining them in 2022.

Devin Matthes- Bass

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